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GoFundMe Update for Nasso

We have collectively raised about $32,000 to support our longtime friend and favorite bartender
in his most challenging year. I am happy to have spent a couple of days with Nasso this
past week in the beginning of August,
around and in my swimming pool, a scenario neither of us could have imagine even two weeks ago.
It is a convenient place for him to begin a long process of rehab in
tandem with his other physical therapy routines.
He is in good spirits but still trying to process all the life changing events that have occurred these past 9 months.

The good news about his bone marrow biopsy being negative was a big deal of course.
He is still waiting on an additional report regarding the possible presence of an
aberrant “t” cell that would make him more vulnerable in the future. Fingers crossed.

In any case, Nasso will not be rejoining the work force anytime soon.
The neuropathy in his legs, a direct result of the extensive chemotherapy, have disabled him.
His once powerful arms and hands will need a lot of time and determination to recover.
He has always been a physical guy and is ready and thankful to be able to get after it.

Nasso is more than grateful for this GoFundMe site. Our initial goal has been reached.
But the future is still very uncertain for him. Up until now, Rancho Nicasio was able to cover his health insurance.
He now has to rely on COBRA, which costs around $800 a month.
Disability may help with his other living expenses for a while,
but it’s just a situation nobody wants to be in.

So I’m going to leave this site up for the immediate future and raise our goal.

Your generosity has been exceptional.
I’m reaching out to folks who may not have been aware or had the opportunity to contribute.

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